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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 6, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the mayor there say the damage was worse than what they got after hurricane isabel struck in 2003. peggy fox spent the day out there. >> it is a mess. slowly they are getting the trees cleaned up and the wires back up. but as you can see from this street that it is still closed and the you'll line behind me is going to take a long time. on every block of del rey, and nearly in every yard it seems there are trees or branches down. >> it was a microburst of some kind. if you look at all the trees you will see everything is pushed straight down. >> reporter: one big tree rests on a house. so many trees people had a hard time recognizing their own neighborhood. >> i work in old town and didn't realize how bad it was until i went to king street and saw a tree ripped out and i said i have to get home and see
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what is going on in del rey. >> reporter: this utility pole swayed and then crashed to the ground taking live wires with it. >> seen the pole doing this, so they weren't sure if it was going to come in to the building because it is that long that it could have hit the building and of course there was customers in there so they are like what are we going to do. >> the alexandria mayor who lives in del rey says the community resystemmables a war zone. >> crews have been out all night and all day doing their best to clear the roads and we have big trees that have fallen. >> reporter: some are wondering why crews didn't move faster, removing downed trees and block roads. they explain they have to make sure the power is off first. >> while crews are working to remove trees, replace poles and restring wire. it is a long, lengthy effort but everyone is committed to getting the lights back on. >> reporter: i have heard both
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sentiments this the past hour. one man came up to me and said dominion virginia isn't moving fast enough and another man said good job, dominion, virginia. we have our lights on. so it depends whether you have electricity or not. they think most people will have electricity back by saturday afternoon, but they are really saying until sunday at noon, especially for this year with the utility and wires down. sunday at noon they hope to have everybody on-line. reporting live in alexandria, peggy fox, 9 news now. a lot of work ahead and we wish them well. in maryland, the portion county yard waste facility facility will be open tomorrow so residents can get rid of storm-related debris for free. oxon hill is one of the area's hardest hit communities a the height of the storm, 165 wires were down and 75,000 people were in the dark, but pepco called in 100 out of town crews to help them restore the power and downed lines quickly. let's look at this.
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a massive -- could be another week, really. i'm impressed. >> by midnight we will be able to restore the vast majority of service to our customers. >> reporter: as soon as we walk from over here is when the tree came in the house. >> reporter: look a this. this is a massive tree branch that broke through this home. landed on a man's bed, just minutes after he woke up. the man was rush to the hospital with chest pain but we hear he will be released soon. now a closer look at the breakdown of the outages. pepco has 609 customers without power in dc. there are 52 outages in montgomery county more than 6800 customers in the dark in prince georges county. dominion has 17,000 customers in northern virginia without electricity. there are 5,300 outages in the richmond area. and bge a is reporting 239 people or customers, i should say, are without power. now, you have been sending us
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pictures of the storm damage from your neighborhood to our twitter account. and this is from josh in dc, strand. that's where it just missed the house. hunter sent a picture also from alexandria and this tree is blocking the treat. and diva knievel sent us a photo from arlington that occurred just as lightning struck there. go to and click on photos and don't forget you can check out live power doppler 24/7. just click on weather. to other news now, landfill in a house. that is how police describe the crime scene in listen ham, maryland after they found two women and two young children dead inside of a home. lindsey mastis has been following the story all day and is live from the victim's neighborhood with the tragic story. >> it -- it is a tragic story and you can see the trash trucks trying to clean up debris around the scene.
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what we know so far is there are two adult females that were killed along with a 3-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy. their families are just devastated. friends and family cried and screamed as they approached the scene. >> everyone will be shook up here a long time. >> reporter: at 2:00 a.m. police were called here because of an adult. when they arrived two women and children were dead, killed by bullets. >> the scene has so much trash and debris and so much filth that we are in the process of bringing our department of public works. >> reporter: in order to search for evidence, the health department was brought in along with police recruits. >> we see some evidence of burrowing an probably some nesting and so evidence of rodents nipping away at bags and things of that nature. >> reporter: the scene is described as horrific. the police chief says the living conditions are deplorable. >> we have electricity, no running water. >> reporter: police say the one
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looming question they are trying hard to get answered is why these people were killed and in a place like this. now police say they have persons of interest that they are interviewing. that they are in police custody, but they say at this point they still don't have a motive. live in lanham, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. amtrak and vre passengers are feeling the affects of yesterday's train derailment at quantico. thousands of people are still trying to get to their destinations after a csx train carrying coal jumped the tracks. as survey chin reports traveling by train for some won happen today. >> i don't know what's going on. >> we were supposed to depart at 3:05. >> reporter: barry robinson is trying to get to newport news, but no trains are running south of washington, d.c. >> i haven't seen any information on it. >> reporter: csx officials say
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7 of the 79 car train hauling coal tipped its load and you can see the coal all over the train tracks. the faster they can clean this up and fix the railroad the faster passengers can get on their way. and then perhaps three flashing lights at the end of a commuter tunnel nightmare. but again this is the one and only train to move through on friday. an auto train heading to florida. >> amtrak has found an alternative to moving passengers such as carol from south carolina. >> just thought it was hard because we are tired and nobody got any sleep. >> reporter: ken came from richmond. >> no. >> reporter: and remember sonya scott, stranded last night. >> crazy. >> reporter: she caught a charter bus home to philly. >> things happen when you travel. >> reporter: they told us there had been a derail and those things happen. >> reporter: passengers are take taking it in stride knowing they may not get home at the time or the way they
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thought they would. >> i want to go home. >> reporter: at quantico marine base, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> amtrak says it's going to resume service heading south on saturday and thousands on top of those 2300 passengers last night have been impacted. vre services were cancelled today but will be up and running on monday. traffic, taxes and tourists. just some of the things that could make dc one of the top annoying places in the u.s. we'll explain coming up. bret? >> why is it always the segue from annoying to me? we are live in canton, ohio tonight, the pro football hall of fame where tomorrow another redskin will enter these hallowed halls. my chat with russ on the eve of his induction coming up in nine sports. temperatures falling back from 90 degrees through this evening but much drier air is in place.
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that comes from a high of 91 officially today at reagan national. we will tell you about a great weekend ahead, followed by some not such a great forecast.
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isn't enough to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds enamel and kills bad breath germs. [ woman ] to help avoid dental problems, act daily. let's check on the evening rush. kenny burns is live with traffic. this is northbound 270 near father hurley slow leaving the beltway on the spur until you join the main lines and heavy through gaithersburg and germantown. the lineup begins at clopper road though the weigh station. in virginia, heavy delays between springfield and triangle. average speeds between 10 and 15 miles an hour. from baltimore to the beltway, northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway, heaviest from landover road to past 32. northbound 95, probably one of the better alternate and has a brief delay between the
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beltways at 175. that's traffic at this hour. back to you. >> traffic, boy that will irritate you. are you irritated? well, a new report from best places rates the district as the third most irritation prone city in the country. the ranking is based on several irritating factors including what you just saw, the traffic congestion, the average heat index and the rate of sleeplessness. lane is number one, followed by houston, baltimore is four and los angeles fifth. we asked some of you to tell what you thought was annoying about the district -- stirring
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it up. if like to comment go to that's our web page and click on the facebook page icon. here's a story you have never heard of before. a tennessee man crashes his car on purpose but as dennis ferrier probably saved the life of the other driver and other drivers on the road. >> reporter: billy was on his way to class on highway 48 going to shelbyville when he saw something wrong. >> three cars ahead i could see a gentleman waving his arms profusely and had no control of the vehicle whatsoever. i could see right over his head an as soon as i seen it, he was having a seizure. i just immediately dropped in this lane like this, went around both vehicles, dropped back over and then immediately started to slow down and he crashes in the back of me, come to a halt. i get out and spinning tires. >> when he got out his tailgate
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was smashed. the other car the man. >> he was stuck on the accelerator and completely, i guess unconscious really. >> reporter: the police officers who responded to the understand den can't recommend what billy did. >> sure can admire it. >> i don't know if i could let somebody come up behind me and hit me like that. >> the investigator said he has never seen anything like this in 20 years. so so heroic. >> on that stretch of road is a very busy stretch of road at that time of the morning, at 8:00 there is a lot of traffic that comes through there, so he, i think he saved somebody's life. >> reporter: so how does billy explain his act of heroism, his action hero calm? he has no idea. >> it really wasn't me, i don't guess. once i seen what was happening, what i did just happened. >> wow. the tennessee highway patrol
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trooper who responded to the wreck said he plans to nominate hopkins for a valor award. >> i think i second that. that's pretty amazing. he saw it happening. he was not a distracked driver, paying attention and probably saved lives out there. >> but he is probably less than 1% of the drivers out there. >> wow. >> this is like you are calm and relacked. but i guess this time yesterday you were running across all over the place. >> much different story. this is a lot different than it was and a lot easier a too in some cases. the weather is real easy on you. the next couple of days get out and enjoy the weather because it is not going to be around for too long. here's where we stand temperature-wise. 88 here in washington. 82 gaithersburg. temperatures are beginning to fall in to the 80s an we will be in the 60s for a lot of us before too long. the next three days here, 89 for a high tomorrow. 90. means our official reagan
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national temperatures, areas north and west, west could maybe be 87, 88. heat, humidity does make a return. that's only the tip of the iceberg. one thing i can say for heat -- warm as we drop to the 80s. overnight in the 60s for lows. very enjoyable. another moderate air quality day for saturday. the most highly sensitive group mace want to watch how much time outside they spend. and a few clouds here and there. seasonal temperatures and very dry. it will be a great day to go through. a look at the temperatures. hanging on to 90 can in culpeper. 80 cumberland. york down to 82 and baltimore is at a comfortable 86. here's the weak front that's gone through. we could see a few isolated storms northern neck and delmarva. as we go through the saturday and sunday, light breeze through the weekend.
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really not bringing much humidity even when it returns to the south. sunday afternoon, i topped the  nine future cast here because i everything i looked at i put a qume of isolated storms in the forecast. blue ridge, shenandoah, friends of there. washington metro and the vicinity we are free and clear. dry all week long and really staying away from the rainfall. on monday it is serious heat. this could be the longest bout of excessive heat all summer we have been through. already we have gone through maybe two days where we have seen extreme heat and humidity combined but we would be looking at 100-degree temperatures and a heat index that goes is hundred and stupid for a couple of days, several days tuesday through friday. enyou the weekend. >> we will do that. we know somebody who will enjoy the weekend for sure. the boss hog, russ grimm who
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redefined what it meant to be on the o line. brett haber is there as he gets his hall of fame credentials. >> we used the word about time when art monk got inducted in the hall of fame and we are using those words again with russ this year. he was he the backbone of the greatest redskin team that ever existed. my chat with him live from canton after this.
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and welcome back to canton, ohio, everybody. when quarterbacks and running backs go in the hall of fame it is easier to explain. so and so had so many touchdown passes and running yard. you can quantify their greatness. but with an offensive lineman there are no stats. people just know when they are great and man did they know
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with russ grimm. he arrived three hours ago. now 20 years removed from his last game in burgundy and gold. he made four pro bowl and won three super bowl rings and never dreamed this day would be possible. >> you know, sometimes you have to sit there and pinch yourself and say is this real, am i sitting here listening to deacon jones, to franco harris. to bob lily. i'm a grown man and you still go in there and get those feelings and emotions come over you. it is really special. >> reporter: now among the many neat events, russ is experiencing this weekend, this one took place two hours ago. he and the other enshrine knees remotely wrung the bell of the new york stock exchange. it was beamed back to the new york stock exchange where they received a standing ovation one thing we know is they travel well to occasions like this. we saw that when green got
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enshrined and redskins nation is back in force again this year. we saw hundreds of burgundy and gold faithful here today. thousands more are expected for the enshrine tomorrow and it is something about the work ethic and toughness that the hogs represent that seem to inspire washingtonians to make the trip. >> russ is one of the first hogs to get here. the other hogs will deserve to be here as well but russ will pave the way for them. >> i saw them in the old day and old games and it was worthwhile to do. i appreciate what he did. >> this is the best, growing up die hard redskins fans, learned to hate the cowboys when i was this age. >> you have a little girl in the steelers uniform. >> milyle traitor. i know. >> of course we may think so but russ is not the only legend inducted. there are seven member of the class of 2010, including jerry rice and yes there will be a redskin and a cowboy sharing
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the stage tomorrow. emmitt smith goes in, as well. dan snyder will be flying in tomorrow afternoon to see the enshrinement. as for what went on with the team at camp today, greg is in ashburn. >> reporter: no change today in the albert haynesworth watch. haynesworth didn't practice or take the conditioning test. phillip daniels talked to haynesworth. he said that he thinks albert regrets his off-season absence. >> he looks like a guy that cares about getting in here and making it better. he looks at that and says i want to be a part of this but in reality he should have said that in the off season. >> reporter: trent williams suffered a slight hip injury this practice but is expected back tomorrow. williams has been going against oram rack poe during 11 on 11. what a matchup that is every day. >> you have to be perfect, really, against orakpo. she one of the best pass rushers in the league. >> so much talent and power and it will help me as well. >> reporter: fan appreciation day is tomorrow. the gates open at 9:00 with
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practice starting at noon. nine sports now. >> greg, thank you. redskins first preseason game is a week from today. three weeks from today the high school football season begins in the dc area, and we are preparing to cover it like never before. wusa 9 and high school are proud to announce a new partnership in the dc metro area for covering high school football. we are looking for students who want to be part of our team by becoming campus correspondents for your school. if you are selected, we'll give you a free flip cam to shoot highlights and pep rallies and other stuff at your school for high school you can get more information and apply for the program at that's the story from here. russ grimm is on the property tomorrow. he will be enshrined and will be there. we are live in canton, ohio. back to you. >> thank you so much. it is about time for the boss hog. that is it for us on 9 news now at sic.


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